• April 14, 2024

Pillars of frontend development

As before, frontend development is based on three pillars — HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so we’ll start the analysis with them. HTMLWithout understanding the markup, you can’t get any further, because this is the framework of the site. You should learn the basic tags and attributes, understand the anatomy of HTML markup, and be aware…

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How to develop an Enterprise-level web application

PlanIntroductoryBranching the repositoryDependency InjectionProject SetupMiddleware:AuthenticationRBACEntity OwnershipHTTPSTestingResultsIntroductoryHello everyone, today we are continuing a series of articles on how to develop a commercial web application from scratch. The code is presented in the repository. Alexey SolomonovAlexey SolomonovONE HUNDRED subscriptions “Fire”In the previous article, we talked about how: Collect requirements.Develop the architecture.Choose a web framework.Document the API.Obviously, the…

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