• September 29, 2023


  • The structure of the code for launching a web project

    In the project, for example, I made the connection of the client and server parts via Rest and WebSocket. Who likes what more. There are a great many descriptions of the Spring Framework and Rect technologies themselves on the Internet. This article is for those who have something that doesn’t work out, or something is…

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  • The most interesting facts from the web almanac

    The Web Almanac is an annual comprehensive report on the web, which is based on verified data and is produced by the developers of HTTP Archive. Let’s see what interesting statistics on the web were collected in 2021. HTMLCSSJavaScriptOther interesting factsHTMLHave you ever wondered why all pages start with the common tag? This element tells…

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  • Problems of web development in the middle lane

    We are engaged in the development, promotion and sale of our own software product PVS-Studio.Since we are located in the Russian province, and more than 50% of sales are in the USA, it is clear that we attach great importance to the website. And during our lifetime, I have accumulated a lot of things about…

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