• September 29, 2023


  • JavaScript development from scratch in 2022: roadmap

    The JavaScript learning roadmap is divided into the following blocks: The basicsAdvanced conceptsWeb APIToolsConclusionsLet’s analyze each of the blocks in more detail. JavaScript BasicsLike any programming language, JavaScript starts with basic knowledge, such as understanding variables, operators, data types, functions, loops, etc. SyntaxJavaScript borrowed most of the syntax from Java, but Python, Perl, and Awk…

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  • How to master backend development

    How to become a backend developer, what to study in 2022 and in what order? We have compiled a roadmap that will help you figure this out.: Roadmap for backend development in 2021 Area of responsibilityOperating systems and the basisChoosing a programming language API DatabasesWeb serversConclusionArea of responsibilityThe backend developer is responsible for the correct…

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  • 4 Things to Consider when Choosing an Outsourcing Company to Develop Websites

    Do you want to launch a new app or website, but you don’t have the resources or the team to bring your ideas to life? Then the best way out is to hire an outsourced development partner. Such a company will develop websites and mobile applications for you, and you will get a professional, well-coordinated…

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