• April 14, 2024

Web Security

Do you know what OWASP is? This is an open project that collects statistics and is aimed at ensuring the security of web applications. To become a frontend developer in 2022, you need to pay special attention to security. Although there are more ways to protect yourself, but attackers also do not stand still.

So, you need to understand the advantages of HTTPS over HTTP, how CORS works, the Content protection Policy (CSP), and also regularly monitor updates on the OWASP website.

Read our articles on how to protect a web application and what tools for pentest are used by specialists in the field of information security.

Everything is simple here:

Master working with the Git version control system and choose a convenient service for hosting projects.
Use linters and formatters to improve the quality of the code.
Use taskrunners and bundlers for assembly.
Get into the habit of working with npm and yarn package managers.

3 main frameworks for working with the frontend: React, Angular, Vue.js .

A good comparison can be found in this article. For those who want to master React from scratch, we offer a clear roadmap for React development.

By 2022, React has changed too:

React 18 appeared: Server Side Rendering, Concurrent mode, useId.
React Testing Library.
React Native has become popular.
Headless CMS is a cms for editing content. The admin panel is like WordPress, only for React. To use the backend, for example. It has also become popular in recent years.
Server Side Rendering — it is also important to know about it.
There are React Hooks you need to know.
It is also worth mentioning Storybook.js, Jest and Cypress.

Separately, we recommend podcasts on new developments in the world of web development from CSSSR, as the guys often touch on web frameworks.

This is the main API request language of frontend developers. The Apollo platform, in turn, is an implementation of GraphQL for transporting data from the cloud to the UI of a web application, and Relay Modern is a framework that uses GraphQL and is designed to work with data-driven applications.

Keep a guide to GraphQL for beginners.

Trends of 2022 and 2023
In JavaScript, these are: S.O.L.I.D, KISS, YAGNI.

Also, any frontend should know what CI/CD, Kubernetes vs Docker, Azure Cloud Service, GitHub Actions are and how they work.

It is also necessary to note the following points:

The programmer must know Accessibility (a11y). This makes it possible to work with the site for people with disabilities.
Progress Web Application — this trend has been going on for 2 years. Any SPA application, JavaScript application must be PWA. There is a guideline there that you need to know.
Also, for any SPA application, you need to know: State Management — Redux.
As well as Server Side Rendering.
It is important to know what Web Components are, since they have been popular for 2 years.
It is important to know what JAMstack is in JavaScript.
The programmer should know how the Serverless model works: Amazon AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, RxJS, Web components, JAMstack, Atomic design, Component-driven development.
Must know ESBuild. It’s like webpack, but it works faster.
And the biggest change by 2022 is Web 3.0. This is working with metamask.
TypeScript is very popular. This is a different trend and it needs to be studied. Without this knowledge, they are unlikely to be ready to hire.

Clearly about the principles of DRY, KISS, YAGNI, SOLID:

So, to become a frontend developer in 2022, you should have a good command of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, be able to ensure the security of web applications, own basic tools such as Git, Prettier, ESLint, npm scripts and webpack, study at least one of the main JavaScript frameworks and get the skill to work with GraphQL. But in no case do not stop there.